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Where to Use Exhaust Fans with Lights?

Many bathrooms have exhaust fans with lights which is very functional. However, these units are not just confined to bathrooms and can be used in places where you need illumination and ventilation.

As mentioned above

Bathrooms are the traditional space where you encounter an exhaust fan with light. This is because there are high humidity levels in the bathroom along with unpleasant odours so this dual function unit is ideal for the space. This is a great way to prevent the growth of mould and mildew in the bathroom. Essential illumination can be provided by this as well so that you don’t have to use a lot of fittings. The kitchen is also a place where odours, steam and heat are generated.

Therefore, an exhaust fan with illumination can be a great addition to this. You can have this installed over the cooking area or the stove so that cooking fumes can be removed effectively. This will help prevent grease accumulating in the space and proper ventilation will also be ensured. The integrated lighting option will provide ambient lighting for the kitchen illuminating the space effectively. However, this cannot be the only source of illumination in the kitchen as you will need task lighting to illuminate the countertops as well.

Laundry rooms can have a high level of moisture

And humidity due to the presence of washing machines and dryers. You can get rid of these issues once you install an illuminated exhaust fan here. This will ensure that your clothes are dried in a shorter time as humidity is removed by the fan. Mould growth is a common issue in many laundry rooms and this product can be a great way to get rid of this. You can use the illumination from the integrated light to carry out folding and sorting of the clothes.

If you have a walk-in closet, you may have noticed that the space can be quite musty especially when it comes to larger walk-ins. You can use an illuminated exhaust fan here so that stagnant air is eliminated. Overall visibility can be increased as are result of the integrated light. Moisture can be an issue in home gyms as well. You will be sweating while you work out here and you can create a comfortable exercise environment by ensuring proper ventilation by an exhaust fan.

Illuminated exhaust fans are ideal for basements

As these spaces tend to have a high level of humidity and low ventilation. This will give rise to mould growth and musty odours. In addition to addressing these issues, the lighting can help illuminate the space as natural light can be limited. Dampness can be prevented in the basement with the use of the exhaust fan. In much the same way, you can use this in utility rooms. It can be quite uncomfortable to carry out maintenance in a utility room with stagnant air. But with improved ventilation, it is easier to perform these tasks. These can also be used in garages, workshops and sunrooms.

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