Different Types of Horseshoes and Their Usage

There are so many different horseshoes available depending on what kind of work the horse is doing, the medical history relevant to the horse regarding the hooves and legs, the budget of the owner, work surface available etc.

The farrier will assess the horse’s feet. They will be able to make a marked improvement to the movement and gait of the horse. If there is an ailment, they will be able to correct it using horseshoes with special features. Most horse owners will use normal or regular shoes that are in the shape of a U. These are usually made of steel and there will be a groove for the nails so that it prevents the nails from being pulled out causing the entire shoe to be removed. The toe of the horseshoe is quite smooth and these can be used for horses that are doing light to moderate work on solid ground. There are also longer and more narrow shoes called sliding plates that are used on the hind feet of reining horses. This is to make sure that they are able to perform sliding stops gracefully. This will not be possible with regular horseshoes as they create too much friction and the horse will not be able to achieve the same kind of slide. Because of the poor traction offered by these shoes, they shouldn’t be used on a horse for trail riding or any sport that includes jumping. If this happens, both the rider and the horse can fall. You need to make sure that you have a reputed supplier and a farrier to purchase these as well and apply them on the hooves.

There is glue on horseshoes which as the term describes, can be glued onto the hoof. These are not as durable as the nails and therefore, this can be used as a temporary option. The material is a form of plastic and there are many types of glues that are used for this purpose. This type of horseshoe can be more expensive than the nailed on ones. But they are a great option for using on horses that has poor quality in their hoof walls. When nails are used on a horse such as this, there is a chance of damage to the foot and the shoe may not even stay on. Another shoe made of steel is the rim shoe and it has a deeper fuller when compared to the regular horseshoe. This allows for more traction when it comes to working on slippery surfaces. You can find aluminium options for this type as well which are lightweight.

Racing plates are used for only a few days to ensure that the race horses are able to keep their hooves protected. These are made of aluminium and they have a lot of similarities with the rim shoes.  When it comes to horses with foot problems, bar shoes are used. These are closed shoes and they don’t have a U shape. It helps to hold the hoof together when it comes to horses with hoof problems and it allows for gradual healing of the hoof.

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