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Tips for Buying a Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are a great fashion accessory and they are a way of creating your personal style as well. There are many shapes of cowboy hats for men and women. When you are choosing your first cowboy hat, there are a few things to consider that will help you make a better purchase.

If you are competing in an event, this will determine the shape of the hat. So when it comes to halter, showmanship classes etc. the judges of the panel will look for a crisp cowboy hat. This will require the front of the hat to be straight without a dip. There should be a narrow crown with longer vents on the side. When it comes to reining and cutting, there is more flexibility to hat shapes. The brim of the hat will be flatter with a low crown for cutters. You also have to consider the shape of your face when it comes to Ringers western hats. For those with round faces, the front of the hat should be lower and the sides should be a moderate height. But if you have a narrow face, the crown should be quite narrow as well and the edges can curl up more than a normal hat.

There are different maintenance and storage instructions based on the material of the hat. If you have a felt cowboy hat, you need to let the hat dry when you use it in the hot months so that any moisture is removed quickly. If the hat holds onto moisture for some time, it can lose its shape. When you are keeping the hat in the stall, there can be a lot of dust that can get on it so you can use a hat can to prevent most of it. But for regular storage, you need to make sure that the hat sits out in the open so that it can dry out. It shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight. Hat maintenance includes brushing but you need to make sure that the hat is completely dry before you start it. If you brush a hat that still has some moisture, the dirt and dust can actually get rubbed into the hat, making its condition worse.

You can purchase a cleaning sponge for felt hats or a soft brush for cleaning. If you are using the cowboy hat frequently, it is best to get the hat creased professionally every six months so that it retains its shape. Straw hats are less durable than felt hats but you will be able to prolong its life with good maintenance. You can use a cloth with a gentle cleaner to get the dust off the hat. You can line the inside of the band with cling wrap to prevent sweat from staining the hat. Sweat stains are notoriously hard to get out. Some of the popular brims available for cowboy hats are the George Straight crease and the Cutter. You can also choose a hat with side vents depending on your requirement. But the selection of the hat mainly depends on your preference and lifestyle.

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