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Testing Your Pillow

Most people take their pillows for granted, carelessly tossing them aside when they wake up and generally paying them too much attention, and honestly, we understand. When it comes to items that we consider important for sleep, we are most concerned about the mattress and not a whole lot else. This is a huge detriment. Why? Because a great pillow is literally one half of the equation to great sleep and is as important if not more important for sleep quality than your bed is.

So how do you know if your pillow is right for you? If you’re using a pillow that literally seems dead, that requires maneuvering into all kinds of different shapes in order to be comfortable, then that right there is a sign that you need to upgrade your pillow. You may not feel like it’s necessary but trust us you will thank us for it later. If you’re looking for the best sleep possible but don’t know who to turn to, go ahead and check out king quilt. They use the best materials and expertise to make the best equipment for sleeping that you can get your hands on. IF you’re in the market for new mattresses, pillows, or quilts, do yourself a favor and get in touch with them immediately.

So, we’ve been talking a lot about how pillows are important for your health and sleep but why is it so important? This is because the pillow controls a lot of your posture as you sleep and having great sleep posture is vital for waking up feeling refreshed and free from muscle and back pain. What is a good sleep posture you may ask? Good posture is basically, when your body and spine are perfectly in line from legs up to your head. You will be able to prevent bone dealignment by ensuring that you have good sleep posture. The bed is only one-half of the equation. The pillow is vital in order to have great sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed.

When should you replace your pillow you may ask? There are a series of fairly simple tests that you can do on the pillow that you currently have, in order to check if the pillow is still ok for use or not. First and foremost, you will want to take off the pillowcase and use your senses. Take a good hard look at the pillow. Is it discolored and has a lot of sweat stains? Is it smelly? Is it on the verge of falling apart or is it torn? All of these are signs that the pillow needs to go. Pillows basically have your head resting on them for 8 hours of the day. That’s a fair amount of use and as such, they accumulate a lot of dust, dead skin cells, fungi, mildew, etc. None of these things are particularly fun and can trigger allergies for some. If your pillow passes these tests, congratulations, you can keep it, but be warned pillows need to be replaced frequently or you might find that you end up activating an allergy.

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