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Tips on Choosing a Pair of Chopsticks

It can be convenient to learn how to use chopsticks if you are going to enjoy a new Asian restaurant. While all chopsticks look the same to an untrained eye, there are differences between each of them. Chopsticks are also made of different materials.

If you are at a Chinese restaurant, you will notice that their chopsticks are longer and have blunt ends. These chopsticks are thicker than those used in other countries. There is a reason for their length. In Chinese cuisine, there is a spinning platform in the middle of the table that carries all the food. And longer chopsticks allow you to reach the food easily. Korean chopsticks are of a medium length and they are traditionally made out of metal.

They are flat in shape and most of the time; a metal spoon is used in combination so that rice and soup can be easily consumed. Japanese chopsticks are shorter than both of these types because the Japanese hold the bowls close to their mouth when eating. So there is not much distance for the chopstick to travel. These come with rounded tips. Most of these chopsticks are made of wood so that they can grip sticky rice better. You can find some beautifully crafted Ohashi chopsticks online if you are interested in learning the art of eating with chopsticks.    

One of the first things you have to consider when choosing a chopstick is the material they are made out of. Wooden chopsticks will make sure that the heat from the food is not transferred to your hands. So you will be able to handle hot food easily. You can also stir food easily with wooden chopsticks and as mentioned above, it is great at gripping rice. There are reusable chopsticks that have a lacquer to make them durable. Bamboo chopsticks are a popular choice because they are a sustainable option and it is a strong material.

There are chopsticks made from food grade plastic as well. But they can be a little slippery if you are not used to them. Try not to use them in very hot food as the plastic can melt. Some materials used to make reusable chopsticks are stainless steel, porcelain and aluminium. You can add lacquered wooden chopsticks to this list as well even though they may not be as durable as metals.

It is best to avoid disposable chopsticks as they can be unsafe. This is due to toxic colours that they can carry and also their impact on the environment. Reusable chopsticks are more expensive than disposable kinds but they will be safer to use as you don’t need to worry about bacteria or mould forming on the chopsticks. They can be sterilized and therefore will be more hygienic. You can also use them for a longer time. It will be difficult to use wooden or bamboo chopsticks for a long time. You will see some warping or fading of the paint after long use.

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