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Tips for Selecting a Human Hair Wig

Wigs have become very popular over the years as they offer a versatile option for hair replacement. You can experiment with a new look or handle the changes that come with hair loss by using a wig. In this article, we will help you select a human hair wig so that it suits your requirements.

The budget is an important element when selecting hair human wig. There will be a price range for this and the price will depend on the type of cap construction, hair quality and additional features. By setting a budget early on, you will be able to narrow down your options and avoid breaking the bank. There are different wig types as well. A very natural looking appearance can be achieved with a full lace wig which has a lace cap covering the entire head. You will be able to part your hair in any direction you like. There are also lace front wigs where the lace front cap will extend from ear to ear.

This will help you achieve a natural looking part and hairline. There are also sheer breathable caps that can give the appearance of natural scalp and these are monofilament wigs. These can also be parted in any way you want. If you are looking for a more affordable wig, you can look into machine made wigs as these are cheaper than the hand-tied ones. The most expensive tends to be the monofilament and full lace wigs as these offer a more natural look compared to others.

The construction of the cap has to be considered as well

There are wigs without caps and these have open wefting instead. These tend to be quite breathable and lightweight. The most versatile wigs you will find will have hand-tied caps and in these, each strand of hair will be sewn individually into the cap. This is a painstaking process but the outcome is a wig that allows for natural movement and versatile styling options. In wefted caps, the hair strands will be sewn into a weft and attached to the cap. These are less versatile but tend to be more affordable. You have to consider your comfort and preferences when it comes to styling when selecting the cap construction. A wide range of styling options can be achieved with a 360 lace wig which will have lace all around it.

The right hair type should also be selected

There are wigs made of high quality human hair that is unprocessed. These are called Remy hair and the hair cuticles will be aligned in one direction which can prevent tangling. Non-Remy hair has multiple sources and the cuticles may not be aligned. This is the more affordable option but it will require more maintenance. Hair that has never been treated chemically is called virgin hair and these tend to have the most natural appearance. Consider the texture and length of the hair; this will depend on your desired look and style.

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