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Sell Your Home Faster. Staging Tips

If you are thinking about selling your house or apartment, home staging is something you should consider. Home staging is gaining popularity because it pays rich dividends. It is said that staging a home can not only help you sell your home faster but increase its sale value by as much as 10%, enough reason to invest some time and effort in arranging your space to highlight its best features.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to plan and execute a staging you can speak to Dynamic Residential a property management company that can take all the hard work off your hands. Go over the home staging checklist below to understand if it’s something you can do yourself before you start to show your place to potential buyers.

Staging your home aims to convey to potential buyers what is possible within the various spaces in your home and to establish an emotional connection with your home, where they get the feeling that living in your home will make them feel happy and secure.

The first step is to completely declutter your home. Clutter can make rooms feel untidy, crowded and small. It also makes it difficult for potential buyers to imagine their belongings in the room as their eyes will be drawn to the clutter distracting their thoughts. Keep your surfaces clear of items except for some well-planned items like books, a vase with flowers or ornamental pieces. If you don’t have a place to hide all your clutter or feel the place is too crowded with furniture, it pays to hire storage space for those items till you have a sale.

Next clean your home, aim for a thorough deep clean. Potential buyers should feel the house is well maintained and in need of no or little repairs once they move in. Dirty homes are a put-off and detract from the emotional connection you are trying to have your home establish with potential buyers. Aim to give potential buyers a welcoming feeling by ensuring the place is clean, well-lit and well-ventilated. A successful home staging also involves attending to repairs around the house attend to any cracks or peeling paint, gutters and wires that have come undone, leaky taps and broken door knobs.

Next pay attention to your kitchen and bathrooms. These two spaces are very important and are two areas that potential buyers will spend time evaluating because it is not easy to renovate without it being an expensive exercise. What you can do is present your kitchen and bathrooms in a way that makes the potential buyer feel it is both functionally and aesthetically suited to their needs. Refreshing your cabinets can freshen up the space and add to the sale value as will other small updates.

Finally, don’t forget your front and back garden, garage and patio. Stage it with live plants, ornamental pots and other decorative pieces that will feel fresh and airy.

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