Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpets are notoriously difficult to clean and it can be easier to hire a cleaning company specialising in this area so that you can rely on their expertise and experience. But not every cleaning company operates the same way so you need to have a checklist to select the most suitable option for your requirements. 

Some of the first questions to ask are whether they are licensed and insured.

You can expect a higher level of professionalism and expect them to adhere to local regulations when you select a licensed company. Also, it is important that the company has insurance so that in the event of damage or an accident, you will not be liable for it. There are also different methods of carpet cleaning Canberra. You can ask them about their preferred methods along with the range of carpet cleaning services offered. For example, there is dry cleaning, steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning that can be carried out depending on the type of carpet and your requirements. If there is a preferred cleaning method, you can also ask whether there is a reason for this. Their experience in the industry can help them be particular about the cleaning methods and products used so that they are able to provide a better service to the client.

The nature of products used is another consideration.

You can ask the company whether they use environmentally friendly products if this is a cause that you are concerned about. It is our responsibility to do our bit for the environment and minimise pollution where possible. Also, eco-friendly cleaning products will also be safe for your health. You can check whether eco-friendly products can be requested when you select the cleaning service. Ask the company about their experience regarding carpet cleaning and whether they have cleaned carpets similar to yours in type, texture, scope etc. This gives them a starting point to work with and they will have a better idea of how to deal with stains. An experienced cleaning team will have a good idea of what products work with what material so that you can avoid damaging the carpet.

Ask the company

If they are able to provide you with references so that you can reach out to them to get a better idea of their experience. Ask them whether they are willing to recommend the company or obtain their services again. When it comes to cleaning carpets, a common concern is getting rid of stains and spots. You can ask the company about how they go about cleaning spots and removing stains. They may have specialised products and techniques for this. It is also important to ask about the pricing structure. You need to obtain a detailed quote before you confirm the company. This will give you an idea of the overall cost including any additional charges. Also, it is best if the quotation is provided after inspecting the carpet as this will allow them to assess the situation accurately and provide you an accurate quote.

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