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How a Compounding Pharmacy Can Help with Children’s Medication?

Children can have a difficult time taking medications. Most of the time they will find it hard to swallow pills or they may not want to take a medication because it has a bad taste. This can be especially difficult if you have very young children or children with special needs. It can be difficult to make them understand why they need to take medication and the form they come in will not be palatable when it comes to many mass-produced medications.

Many parents tend to split the medicines at home to get the smaller dose for children. But this may not be exact and there is a risk of making mistakes with the dose. So you can get the help of compounding pharmacy doctors Sydney to formulate medicines that your child will easily take. Swallowing pills is one of the main challenges you will face when giving medicine to children. Many children have a hard time swallowing pills without having to chew them and this can lead to a bitter or bad taste in their mouth.

To get around this problem, you will be able to get a child-friendly form of the same medication from a compounding pharmacy. They can formulate the same medication in different forms such as gels, liquids, suppositories, chewables, powders etc. Another positive is that the medication can be coloured in a shade that your child loves which will further get them to swallow the medicines.

If your child has special dietary needs as a result of being allergic to medication additives, wheat, corn, dyes, proteins, milk products, nuts etc. you can have a compounding pharmacist formulate a medication without the allergen. These ingredients can be present in many mass-produced medications and it will make your child more uncomfortable. Your doctor can prescribe medications for your child to be made at a compounding pharmacy so that they can avoid these irritants.

There are also different unique forms you can have the medicine formulated in. For example, there are lollipops that come with electrotypes or local anaesthetics that will be well received by a child. Certain medications can also be formulated into gummy candy, powder dissolved in a drink, creams or skin gels. The latter option is great as you can avoid the child having to swallow a pill at all. Also, there are numbing gels that can be used when children need injections.

The form of the medication can be customised according to the needs of the child and this ensures that they take the prescribed medication routinely without them having to go through an unpleasant experience. Even with the advancements in compounded medications, sometimes there will be no alternative to swallowing a pill. One such instance is when the medicine in the pill has to be released slowly so it has to stay within the capsule until it reaches the stomach or the intestines.

In this case, you can have the pills made smaller so that it is easier for children to swallow. You can also make them look more appealing by selecting a shape or colour for the pill that the child will find easier to accept. This can also make it easier on you; when there are colour coded pills, you will be able to keep track of them easily if your child needs to take multiple medications in a day. This is a good way of making mistakes when giving medicine.

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