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Explore Australia’s gorgeous aquamarine jewellery.

In many cultures, aquamarine gemstones have a long history. The name comes from the Latin words “aqua” for water and “mare” for sea, capturing the stunning blue-green colour of ocean waters.

Aquamarines were once thought to be mermaid jewels that brought mariners luck and protection. It was also believed to treat throat, heart, and stomach disorders.

This stunning diamond has symbolised purity and endless youth to royals and nobility for millennia. It was used as a talisman or in jewellery to show elegance and sophistication.

Aquamarines’ pastel blue to deep azure tones still attract jewellery lovers. They are utilised in engagement rings, elegant necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that accentuate any outfit.

Aquamarine still symbolises peace, clarity, harmony, and trust. Many feel wearing an aquamarine can calm stressful situations and improve communication.

Aquamarine jewellery makes a lasting impression, whether you want it for yourself or as a gift! Why not explore Australia’s magnificent range?

Aquamarine Mining in Australia

Australia’s huge aquamarine reserves support a robust aquamarine mining industry. The country’s unusual geological formations have yielded abundant aquamarine, which jewellery lovers worldwide seek.

Mining deep down aquamarine crystals requires careful extraction. Miners use modern technology and expert workers to properly mine these diamonds sustainably.

Aquamarine stones are processed to increase its beauty and potential after extraction. Craftsmen carve and shape them into countless shapes and sizes to make stunning jewellery.

Australian jewellers are proud of their nature-inspired designs. Each piece shows aquamarines’ stunning blue tones, from delicate pendants to elaborate rings.

Australia has aquamarine jewellery in Australia  for every taste, from classic to contemporary. There’s something for everyone, from elegant minimalist designs to eye-catching standout pieces.

How to Maintain Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine jewellery needs adequate care to last and look good. Tips for maintaining your prized items:

1. Protect it: When not wearing aquamarine jewellery, place it in a purse or compartment away from other gemstones and metals that could scratch it.

2. Avoid chemicals: Aquamarine is sensitive to harsh chemicals, so avoid cleaning goods, perfumes, hairsprays, and some skincare items. The stone’s lustre may fade.

3. Gently clean aquamarine jewellery with mild soap and warm water and a delicate brush or towel. Scrub the gemstone gently, rinse well, and dry with a soft cloth.

4. Avoid heat and sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade aquamarine stones. Thermal shock from severe temperatures can shatter or fracture gemstones.

5. Remove when undertaking activities: Exercise, swimming, gardening, and home duties can damage aquamarine jewelery.

6. Check for loose settings and wear and tear in your aquamarine jewellery in Australia. Report any faults to a competent jeweller for immediate repair.

Follow these simple aquamarine jewellery care suggestions to enjoy its stunning beauty for years!

Remember that each piece tells a narrative through its subtle blue hues, whether it’s a stylish necklace for an evening out or delicate earrings for daytime elegance! Discover Australia’s magnificent aquamarine jewellery today and experience its mesmerising beauty.

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