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Different Types of Guitars

The guitar is a versatile instrument and you can find so many different types all around the world. The variations depend on the sound, design and construction of the guitar. And having a basic understanding of the different types of guitars will help you when choosing the right guitar to begin with.

The acoustic guitar has a beautiful sound

And you can play it using a variety of styles such as flatpicking, strumming and finger picking. This is a very popular type of guitar and is ideal for a variety of musical genres such as pop, rock, country and folk music. The 12-string guitar is another type of acoustic guitar and as the name says, it comes with 12 strings where the normal number is usually 6. The strings come arranged in pairs and this gives rise to a rich and full sound.

This guitar complements country and folk music very well. Another guitar in the same category as acoustic guitars is the resonator guitar and it uses a metal resonator cone to create sound. And this is the reason for its unique metallic sound which is used for blues music. The archtop guitar is another type of electric guitar and the unique characteristic of this is that the top and back of this instrument are curved similar to a violin. The sound you get from an archtop guitar is full-bodied and it is a great complement to jazz music.

The classical guitar is what beginners usually start with and it has a design that is very similar to the acoustic guitar. But it has a more mellow sound compared to the sound made by an acoustic guitar and these also have wider necks. An electric guitar tends to have a thin body and you can use either fingers or a pick to play it. Common attachments with the electric guitar are an amplifier and a pickup. This guitar is known for jazz, blues, rock and metal music. If you love to play rock and metal, then you can choose Ibanez guitars. The bass guitar has a similar appearance to the electric guitar and these are used in a variety of musical genres. They tend to have a long neck with fewer strings compared to the electric guitar. 

The baritone guitar fits both electric

And acoustic guitar categories and it has a deeper sound because it is tuned to a lower pitch. This resonating sound is used commonly in heavy metal music. And if you are looking for a guitar that can be easily carried, you can also look into travel guitars. These are small and lightweight. They have a small body and the scale length is shorter compared to a standard guitar just to make them more portable. These are also good for practising when you are on the go. In Flamenco music, a thin body Flamenco guitar is used and this is able to produce a more percussive sound compared to classical guitar which is great for accompanying the traditional dance.

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